High product quality and added value:
On-road exhaust systems by RTA


In the on-road segment, RTA has developed, brought to series production and manufactured a multitude of exhaust systems for trucks and busses.

Our first experiences in the field of exhaust gas after-treatment we acquired as early as the beginning of the 1990s, when oxidation converter were developed. Today, our work is still state-of-the-art: We develop complex SCRT® systems, including SCR® systems and DFP (diesel particulate filters) to meet the strict Euro VI standards. Yet, we are striking new paths in the on-road segment, so that we can offer our customers even higher product quality and even greater benefits:

When we develop customised exhaust gas treatment systems for the on-road segment, we do not limit ourselves to meticulously meeting the relevant specifications, but also pay great attention to reducing weight and installation space. Innovative production technology allows us to fold our Euro VI systems. By largely avoiding welding processes, we can significantly reduce heat load and weld-related warping in the production of our on-road solutions.

This results in high quality exhaust gas after-treatment systems with an exceptional service life which consistently impress our customers with their ease of service. The quantities called-up in the on-road segment are highly automated produced, facilitating an extremely efficient production.

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