Lighter, more efficient, more effective:
Exhaust systems for the non-road segment


In the non-road segment, RTA has a wealth of experience in the development and production of exhaust gas after-treatment systems for ships, trains and stationary systems.

Our special expertise particularly shines through in the RTA solutions for large-scale system in the stationary field. While a multitude of systems are based on plant engineering, we successfully realise an innovative approach: we transfer our extensive experience from the on-road segment to the non-road segment. By upscaling exhaust gas after-treatment systems, we develop lighter non-road systems that require less space – and stand out with their efficient design based on a modular structure.


But the economic aspect is not the only factor that gives the RTA exhaust gas after-treatment systems in the non-road segment the edge. Our innovative implementation offers greater assurance to our customers – for instance, through validation in accordance with on-road standards.

We are happy to provide personal advice and detailed information about additional benefits of our non-road systems. Give us a call or send us your enquiry via email!