Accuracy you can count on
Multi-disciplinary simulation processes at RTA


Development times are becoming shorter and shorter, while the complexity of exhaust gas after-treatment systems is increasing. Due to these conditions, simulations is becoming increasingly gaining importance in the development phase.

With single-phase computational fluid dynamics tools (CFD), crucial parameters, such as uniform distribution, counter-pressure and temperature behaviour, can already be determined and optimised during concept development.

For more complex two-phase calculations, such as AdBlue® dosing, our development engineers have access to further high-performance calculation tools. Simultaneously with the concept development, the strength behaviour can also be observed and optimised with the finite elemente methode (FEM).


Moreover, topology optimisation tools ensure that best case scenarios are developed for each issue.

Thanks to a multitude of simulation procedures, we can already guarantee valid concepts at an early stage of product development. This significantly reduces both development time and costs. Furthermore, we also employ simulation tools to optimise our internal testing equipment, such as clamping devices for our shakers, ensuring our customers are always supplied with flawless results.