Groundbreaking solutions
RTA’s innovations

Examples of our product innovations

Exhaust gas treatment for large engines

We have successfully realised our approach of economically producing large silencers through upscaling and modularisation in a system for a renowned engine manufacturer.

The system offers numerous benefits, e.g.

  • extremely compact SCRT® modular system for maximum performance in minimal space
  • easy to service (dis)assembly concept for short maintenance times and quick replacement of individual components, requiring minimal tools and no type specific tools

EU VI system

“Fulfilling all specifications with the most compact design possible” – this was RTA’s objective in the development of high-performance Euro VI exhaust gas after-treatment systems. Benchmarks, as well as vast amounts of positive feedback from the market, confirm just how well we achieved this.

SCR system with integrated AdBlue® treatment

Another innovation by RTA: A one-box-design SCR system with integrated AdBlue® treatment for integration into a so-called powerpack. In addition to the engine and generator, this contains all auxiliary units required to drive the vehicle.

The challenge was in the integration of the AdBlue® preparation via airless injection into the housing – with minimal installation space.