Foundation for the future of mobility:
RTA’s innovative strength


Efficient, low emissions, environmentally friendly: even today, the future of mobility is already dependant on these crucial factors more than ever before. RTA is consistently working on maximising the benefits of these factors on all levels of the value chain, and offer sustainable products on the market.

Our innovative strength has always been our strongest drive. As a manufacturer of high-quality exhaust gas after-treatment systems, areas of tension between contrasting requirements are a familiar terrain for us.

With our successful innovation management, we create ideal framework conditions for creating innovative solutions from contrasting ends of the spectrum that pave the way to a better future for all parties.

Innovation process

We do not leave innovation to chance. Consequently, a defined innovation process is firmly anchored in our organisation. We have established means and ways of bringing together and promoting the talents and relevant ideas of our employees in a targeted manner to continuously develop and update our services and products.

  • Process Innovations
    Process Innovations
  • Product innovations
    Product innovations