Taking responsibility for tomorrow
Environmental protection at RTA


At RTA, environmental protection is more than just a fad, it’s a corporate responsibility: With optimal solutions for environmentally friendly diesel engine exhaust gas after-treatment and sound attenuation, we are making an important contribution to the protection of our environment and the enhancement of our quality of life.

As a future-oriented company in the automotive sector, we naturally go above and beyond in meeting the demands of our special responsibility towards future generations:

We design all our business processes efficiently and resource-friendly.We consistently optimise our logistics concepts – for instance, to facilitate just-in-sequence supply to our customers for the majority of our products.

We don’t limit ourselves to transport routes and statutory requirements – our in-house environmental team captures and evaluates all environmental aspects of our company. This ensures that environmental protection is a way of life on all corporate levels at RTA, implemented with dedication.

Our environmental management system at our main production site in St. Aegyd is certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard.